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#MyLifeIsMyLegacy series by Tigerlily Foundation is a collection of intimate vignettes showing the lives and living legacy of remarkable individuals. Personal stories of people living with Stage IV cancer, early-stage cancer in addition to medical experts, industry trailblazers, caregivers who have not been diagnosed with cancer. These stories build a bridge of knowledge, love, faith, hope and transformation that help us understand the impacts of cancer and provide guidance that will help generations to come.


It’s Amazing to Truly LIVE Life
Valencia has dedicated her life to helping others in their cancer journey.Valencia has changed lives and is a leader in the advocacy and wellness community as a teacher, yoga instructor, mentor, and caregiver.Her contributions of time, expertise, leadership, nurture, financial support, advocacy and most of all love and compassion are immeasurable.
Cancer has had a far-reaching impact within Valencia’s family, which is one of the things that propelled her into this work, along with her personal experience.She believes that talking about family health history, empowering them with knowledge, teaching wellness and the principles of holistic health change the trajectory cancer will have a transformational impact on her family. Valencia is a pillar to not only her family but also the cancer community. She is a caregiver, advocate and support system for families near and far.
This is Valencia's legacy.

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Life Happens After Diagnosis

Na’Diah believes that life can be good after diagnosis, that there is happiness after diagnosis, that miracles happen after diagnosis, and you must push through the hard parts to experience it.

While in the best shape of her life, active in the health and fitness community, Na’Diah found a lump while doing a breast self-exam.She requested a biopsy after which she was diagnosed.She then met with a fertility specialist which led to a very disappointing, failed egg harvest.Five years later, after losing all hope of starting a biological family of her own, she learned she was pregnant with her son. Grayson has become her hope, the rainbow at the end of her cancer diagnosis.

Na’Diah has a new life as a mother and as an advocate, she is persistent, resilient, and faithful, sharing a selfless love with the world and educating young women about their breast health.

This is Na’Diah’s legacy.

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Cancer Didn’t Win

Tamika is a survivor and Cer-VIVOR, after being diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 25 years old.She knows firsthand how isolating and lonely cervical cancer can be.She’s experienced excruciating pain, so intense that she questioned whether she could push through another day. Cervical cancer disrupted everything in Tamika’s life - including her fertility and body. The burden of cervical cancer is heavy, women can unfairly feel ashamed after being diagnosed with this intimate, painful cancer – that can require removal of body parts such as the vagina, cervix, ovaries and uterus, maybe the bladder, anus and part of the intestine.As hard as this diagnosis was, Tameka followed the prescribed treatment because she wanted to do all that she could to live.

When Tamika was diagnosed no one was talking about cervical cancer, but there was so much trauma patients like her had to deal with.As an award-winning producer, Tamika dealt with cancer the way she did most of her life, telling her story and exposing the truth behind what so much of what was kept quiet. She also created Cervivor Inc. a non-profit education and support organization to helps women to feel supported, not feel alone or ashamed.Today, Tamika is thriving.She is not only an incredible advocate who has helped countless women, she is living her best life. Cancer did not take away the joy of being a parent, being a mom, her greatest joy in life.Miracles do happen, and through a loving friend and the help of a surrogate her dreams of becoming a mom came true.

This is Tamika’s legacy.

What’s yours?

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