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What Impact Has Social Media Had on Your Cancer Experience?


We asked our audience about the impact social media has had on their cancer journey, here's what they had to say.

Cancer can be isolating and anxiety-inducing. But sometimes, the connections made on social media can make it seem less so. CURE® recently asked its audience about the impact that social media has had on their experience with cancer. Here are some of their responses:

“Social media can be used for good, not evil. And the online cancer community is one of the times that it is good. I could not have gotten through without my online breast cancer community.” — BA

“(My diagnosis) was 18 years ago, I wish social media was around then. I really could’ve used it.” — KR

“I found very specific online support groups that I continue to participate in 10 years after my treatment. Many of us have lifelong issues we continue to deal with long after we are considered cured. I also continue to visit support groups as a way to support patients going through what I did. I know I was always encouraged when I heard from a long-term survivor of the same cancer.” — CFH

“It has connected me with others my age and going through a similar experience. Cancer can be isolating and the friendships I have formed over social have been lifesaving.” — HA

“It has been so therapeutic for me. connecting me with people from all over the world with my rare form of cancer. It’s also allowed me to have a platform to help bring awareness to molar pregnancies and the types of cancer they can cause. It’s been very positive.” — MV

“Positive! It has helped me connect with others, share ideas, research and not feel alone.” — PM

“It gave me a way to share my experience and condition with family and friends all at once instead of individually. It kept me from feeling so terribly isolated when my blood numbers were down, and I couldn’t go anywhere or have visitors.” — SL

“Helped me stay socially active to some extent. The best thing was sharing experience and tips on fighting the dragon. Also scared the hell out of me with other peoples’ experiences.” — MH

“When I had my bone marrow transplant, I was in isolation for three months. (Social media) was my only contact with the outside world. I share my experiences with the transplant because most of (my) friends and family don’t know anyone who had been through one. I’m now one year out from transplant and got the news on Tuesday that I am now 100% donor cells and completely cancer-free.” — RF

“I love my cancer groups, the only people who understand and don't judge you.” — DD

“Through social media I found (my cancer) was not rare as I was told by doctors.” — CS

“I'm very thankful for the closed groups specific to ovarian cancer on FB. In the beginning, it was a safe place to ask all my most personal questions. Now it helps me to know I'm not alone.” — PG

“Since my cancer is so rare, I do not even know one person personally with it. CURE® and social media have connected me with people all over the world and I appreciate this so much!” — JB

“The ability to both learn and teach. We learn from others and, hopefully, can share our knowledge & experiences to help other cancer patients.” — SV

“I’m part of two ovarian cancer groups on Facebook, and it has helped immensely seeing others feeling the same fears and emotions, as well as getting information on treatments and possible clinical trials.” — CI

“Social media has introduced me to thousands of sisters linked by survivorship and tears.” — IL

“It’s connected me with others going through this cancer crap and made me feel like I’m not alone.” — RN

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