What will you do to pay it forward after cancer?


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I've mentioned the Synergy 2013 meeting in a couple of my blogs now. It was great to see so many brilliant physicians, nurses, treatments and thoughts coming together. It was a learning experience for me, a time to see some old friends, and to also meet some new ones. On my last day in Florida, Dr. Andrew Kennedy brought Dr. Jim Caridi over to the YES booth and introduced us. It was the most profound moment of the entire meeting for me. Dr. Caridi is a very gifted interventional radiologist of whom I've often heard reference. What I didn't know is the story that follows, taken with permission from his website (OneIAMClub.com)."As a physician, his efforts were to allay the fears of the patient and make them more comfortable in their situation. He has an uncanny ability to put himself in others shoes and would attempt to lessen the discomfort of the situation. Jim would enter the hospital every day and passing patients, would think to himself "as long as I am on the other side of the glass, I am OK."On August 10th, 2011, the glass shattered and he entered the other side. Our world stopped when we received the deafening news--Jim had bone cancer. A year has passed and we have been through the emotional roller coaster that all cancer patients and their significant others endure. Though we have not achieved remission, Jim has fought this battle with the same passion and finesse that made him successful in his career and life in general." Here is a link to his speech at Synergy presented to his peers...from his perspective as a patient. His talk ends with a quote from Jimmy V, "A good day is when you laugh, you think, and you cry." Jim says he gets two or three of these most of the time and eloquently added two additional thoughts to Jimmy V's quote. You need to dream and be passionate about your dream and you need to pay it forward. You might ask what do you mean: "pay it forward?" All of you in this room have the ability to pay it forward...I can name 30 people in this room who have emailed me, called me, given me this opportunity. It's simple to do and can make such a difference in people's lives." I hope you enjoy the video. I hope you are inspired. AND I hope you "Pay it Forward."Truly, it's quite simple! What will you do?

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