What you need to know about KRASG12C


In this episode of the “Cure Talks Cancer” Podcast, Dr. Spira a medical oncologist of the Virginia Cancer Specialists’ (VCS) discusses why KRASG12C is a prolific problem.

Dr. Spira is a director at the Virginia Cancer Specialists Research Institute, Co-Chair of the US Oncology Thoracic Oncology Committee, and a faculty member at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where he serves as Assistant Professor of Oncology. Dr. Spira explains the science of the KRAS gene and introduces KRASRegeneration.com, a website for HCPs that builds awareness of the KRASG12C mutation.

The conversation focuses on the importance of educating oncologists around the KRAS mutation in lung cancer. KRASRegeneration.com is sponsored by Mirati Therapeutics, Inc.