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Because I was a journalist,it was automatic that my friends asked if I was writing about my cancer as soon as I was diagnosed. I wasn't. It took a few weeks for me to get my land legs again to be able to sit down and be able to put some words on paper. Even then they were fairly simple. Something like "Cancer Sucks" about 50 times on a piece of paper. Lots of sizes and colors. I got bored with it fairly fast and wanted to say why it sucked and that's when I started doing myself some good. I looked around for that first journal before I wrote this blog, and I couldn't find it. I think I must have burned it because of the "naughty" words in it. I believe we draw energy to ourselves with the words and ideas we create, and I didn't want to keep that around. It was full of anger and fear and naughty words that make me blush to think of it. But I got them out of my body and put them somewhere else -- somewhere safe. But I believe strongly in the power of journaling and recommend it to all of you. Taking feelings out of your body and putting them on paper allows a kind of control. Then when you read them, you can understand them in a way you can't when you just say them or think them. When you write them down and then read them the next day, they have taken on a concrete sense of what you feel. You can add new feelings and better understand the ones you wrote today. The words also allow growth. You can see where you were, and as the moments on paper grow, you see how far you have come. Write down the answers to these questions.Think about your body and all the times it has kept you going when you really didn't want to. My body has gotten me out of trouble more than once. When and How has yours helped you?I remember the day I realized how lucky I was to be so strong. It helped me . . .My body has healed before. It will do it again. It needs me to believe in it. How can I do that?what is a good way to honor my body?Now pick something to free associate about on paper. This is an exercise of free writing about anyting you want. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. WHATEVER PASSES THROUGH YOUR HEAD, PUT IT ON PAPER. Try journaling to deal with your stress. Poems don't have to be in sentences or have capitals. check out e.e. cummings if you think so. Go to an art store and buy a sketch book. This is what I journal in becaue I like space fo pictures and big splashes of color. do it for yourself.

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