CURESummer 2009
Volume 8
Issue 2

Women are being recruited for a different kind of army.

Army of Women (www.armyofwomen.org), a collaboration between the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the Avon Foundation for Women, aims to recruit one million women for various clinical trials on breast cancer prevention. Since launching last October, the site has reached more than a quarter of its goal, with more than 281,000 registrants as of early June.

The site recruits healthy women with no history of breast cancer, breast cancer survivors, and those at high risk for the disease to register through the site to become potential clinical trial participants. Women learn about new trials through the site and by e-mail. Once a person chooses to join a particular trial and is deemed eligible, participation may include filling out a questionnaire, providing blood or saliva samples, or similar requirements.

The site has currently recruited for six trials, including the Sister Study, a large trial looking at how the environment and genes can affect breast cancer risk.