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Keeping Your Foot Out of Your Mouth When a Loved One Is Facing Cancer

November 04, 2021

While initial training starts the Support Volunteer journey, continuing education plays a key role in providing high-quality peer support for patient and caregiver clients. Our Hope Check: Volunteer Roundtables focus on critical topics and needs of the oncology community. Today, we share wisdom from a recent Rounds conversation.

Art as Therapy After a Cancer Diagnosis

October 30, 2021

“In addition to providing a relaxing escape against the backdrop of treatment anxiety and fear for the future, creating art may help you understand the myriad of emotions that can go along with a diagnosis of cancer. Emotions that are often difficult to express in words.” - Lynne Eldridge, MD

Cancer Hope Network Celebrates 40 Years of Service; Honors Co-Founders Diane Paul, RN, MS and Kris Luka, RN, BS

October 25, 2021

In 1980, there were no social service agencies or nonprofits providing one-on-one peer support for cancer patients. Since those early days, the organization has provided support for more than 50,000 patients, caregivers, and survivors in search of hope.