Quite Puzzling

By Glenn Rounding

July 19th, 2019

I really hope this uploads, this is my third attempt trying and I had so much more to say in my initial attempts. When I tried to copy and paste my sentence it turned into a link so please understand if my description is quick. This is a piece that I was working on during my time of being diagnosed with the GBM in 2016. I was a paramedic working for a private ambulance service and I also was a tech in a very busy ER so I had a very busy life. I had always found art to be like therapy for me and was in the middle of trying to start a company with my art somehow. I was diagnosed and it rocked my world. Well I ended up finishing this piece that you see and I ended up making my company all after my diagnosis and a 3 1/2 years clean. I continue to hope to inspire others while staying healthy in my own life.