Flower Power

By Terlisa Sheppard

January 14th, 2020

I called my artwork "My Flower Power" painting because I see and receive strength through it, the strength that I have needed to get through this 21-year breast cancer journey. It has been tough, especially starting out as a young, pregnant mother and then receiving several additonal diagnoses, but somehow I've managed to continue on this journey.
This watercolor painting, with grey acrylic background, was done at the Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center while I was receiving chemotherapy treatments for metastatic breast cancer. I painted it as part of the art therapy program run by resident artist Valerie J. Kelley, who brings art to cancer patients at Orlando Health. This is my second painting done while at the cancer center.
"My Flower Power"
I see life in every bloom of a flower.
Each bloom has its own uniqueness that differs from any other bloom.
I manage to see the beauty, the strength, and the power that glows from within!
                                                                            --Terlisa Sheppard