Hope & Life

By Sasha S Bialock

February 10th, 2020

My photography allows me to experience uninhibited feelings through the lens. Being in the moment to feel hope, happiness, lightness, confidence and connection with the beautiful scenes of nature is a diversion from my oftentimes chaotic journey with cancer.
In this photograph, the caterpillar signifies new potential with a promise of life. I took the photograph as part of series featuring the caterpillar and the butterfly. Both photos were taken on a day when I was not feeling quite like myself with no idea that only a few months later I was to learn of my stage 3 cancer diagnosis. Yet, at the time, I was drawn to this enchanting caterpillar, which represents potential, patience and new life. When the caterpillar births into the butterfly, it further signifies endurance, change, hope, transformation and rebirth. Where there is life, there is hope! I look at this photograph often and feel patiently hopeful for the moment, for the day.