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Lung cancer video touches on emotions and support

BY Lena Huang
PUBLISHED July 09, 2013
Lena Huang blog image
The emotional challenges of living with cancer are often overlooked in order to focus on fighting the disease itself. Recently, the American Lung Association released a video, "Navigating Lung Cancer: Stories of Support," that features three lung cancer survivors discussing their emotional journeys and how they found support. While the video offers some advice specific to lung cancer patients, there is a lot of general information that applies to any cancer patient, survivor or caregiver. The stories from the three survivors are moving and filled with anecdotes and personal experiences that provide guidance and hope. An oncology nurse and an oncology social worker provide professional advice throughout the stories. The video is hosted by Greta Kreuz, a lung cancer survivor and news anchor for the ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C. The video is the latest addition to the ALA's online lung cancer website, "Facing Lung Cancer: Support from Day One." The website has a lot of resources, including an interactive library with other videos, basic information on lung cancer and a section for healthcare providers. There is also support for patients and caregivers and help for making treatment decisions. The website was launched last year with support from Lily Oncology. The ALA is responsible for all content. Check out the website and video, and maybe you will find some information and inspiration to help you on your journey.
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