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Dana Stewart

Dana Stewart was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 at the age of 32. She is the co-founder of a cancer survivorship organization called The Dragonfly Angel Society. She volunteers as an advocate and mentor, focusing on young adults surviving cancer. She enjoys writing about life as a cancer survivor, as well as connecting survivors to the resources, inspirations and stories that have helped her continue to live her best life, available at www.dragonflyangelsociety.com.
Dana Stewart
How can we finally rid ourselves of the emotional baggage that fear brings us and free up our minds to think about the good stuff?
Dana Stewart
I have gotten exceptionally good at worrying about things that never end up happening. I'd say I am failing at worry.
Dana Stewart
There is a way to do a little self-care and still learn the latest news in cancer advocacy and science. As survivors and those affected by cancer, we should have the luxury of doing both!
Dana Stewart
As we celebrate the holidays, wish lists are made for gifts. I have a wish list for cancer.
Dana Stewart
It's the approach we take when handling trauma in our life that can make all the difference.
Dana Stewart
It's not the actual hand we are dealt when live throws us a curve. It's how we play it.
Dana Stewart
Instead of fighting the roadblocks that cancer can prevent, what would happen if we embraced them?
Dana Stewart
I spend so much time trying to go back to the past or predict the future that I tend to forget how to live in today's moments.
Dana Stewart
Forgiveness is more than just words, it's feelings. Learning how to forgive others can help us in our cancer journey as well.
Dana Stewart
Making predictions on how cancer will affect your life from diagnosis to post treatment is a waste of time. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.

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