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Additional Chemo

Although now in remission, Ed has agreed with the oncologist, to take two more rounds of chemo in hopes he might not have another relapse.
Nurse Lisa and Nurse Suzzanne were hooking Ed up to the “plumbing” for his infusion “cocktail” as he began the first of two additional chemo cycles. Pattie sat patiently next to him waiting for the pharmacy to mix the cocktail. She patted him encouragingly on the arm and said, “Don’t worry. We know this is for the best, and the infusion time is down now to only one hour and thirty minutes. We will be out of here by noon and I will take you home and fix you a cup of Lipton’s chicken noodle soup.”

“Well,” said Ed, “what if I want one of their ‘world famous chicken salad sandwiches’?”

“If you eat all of your soup, I will go over to Rita’s and get you a double chocolate milk shake.”

“How can I turn that down?” Was Ed’s response.

Ed still did not have a good appetite and would not have been able to “do justice” to a chicken salad sandwich. His diet consisted primarily of coffee in the morning and sometimes with a slice of pound cake or English muffin. If he ate again before supper, it would be fresh or canned fruit or cheese and crackers. For dinner, it was typically soup and crackers followed maybe with some vanilla bean ice cream.  

Knowing he was not going to sleep well, if at all, Ed was prepared to look at the TV from his recliner at home. Sometimes TV puts him to sleep for short periods of time, in spite of the insomnia caused by the steroids. Ed always had an interest in the game of chess, but none of his friends were ever interested in learning it with him so he had recently taught himself to play on the internet and became very good at the lowest level of competition. He would sometimes cuddle up with his lap top and play for hours on end.  

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Edward D. McClain retired from the U. S. Department of Commerce in 1995 and has been living in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, since 1996. Ed likes to work for his church, hunt, fish and collect rare firearms. He enjoys professional football, cooking shows and action TV shows/films but will not watch game shows nor talk shows. Ed is a two-time survivor of CLL, by the Grace of God.
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