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Post-Hysterectomy Shaving Problem Solved

My husband comes to my rescue and brings me out of the dark ages.
PUBLISHED July 26, 2017
As well as being a cancer blogger, Laura Yeager is a religious essayist and a mental health blogger. A graduate of The Writers’ Workshop at The University of Iowa, she teaches writing at Kent State University and Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Laura survived cancer twice.
How dumb can I be?
After my hysterectomy, I developed tiny pulmonary embolisms due to immobility. The doctors put me on blood thinner. I’ve heard horror stories about people who take these blood thinners bleeding to death when they cut themselves, and, consequently, I’ve been terrified to shave my legs and my underarms.
The other night my husband said he was buying me a present.
Guess what he ordered me through Amazon?
An electric shaver!
All that worry for nothing!
God, am I living in the dark ages? Of course, an electric razor. That’s the answer. I can’t wait until it arrives because I am really fuzzy.
The razor arrived this morning. I open it immediately. It’s pink and white. I don’t even read the directions; I use it right then. And do you know what? It works very well, albeit it’s a little loud. I can’t feel a thing as it travels over my skin. All the fuzz disappears, and no cuts.
Sometimes it takes two minds to solve a problem.
My husband is the best. He’s been there for me in “cancer” and in health.
Ode to My Husband
I sing to you Oh, Stephen.
I praise you for your quick mind and good judgement.
For you have purchased me an electric razor,
and now I am not afraid to shave myself for fear of
bleeding to death on this crappy blood thinner.
How can I ever thank you? I am forever indebted to
you. And your gift of the razor is only one of the multitude
of gifts you offer me every day. You wake up smiling, you
share your life with me, and, most importantly, you
make the coffee every morning.
At least someone has some brains in this family, and it’s you.
Thank you for rescuing me from my most current predicament.
I owe you one.
My skin is as unbroken and as smooth as silk.
You’re the man!
I’m so glad that now I can raise my arms and not feel embarrassed by the hair under them and that I can wear shorts with pride. No more fuzz! 
Bathing suit, sunscreen, vacation—here I come!
And so, the sun sets on another day in our household. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? I do know that my husband and I will be ready for it.
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