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Ryan Hamner

Ryan Hamner is a four-time survivor of Hodgkin lymphoma, a musician and a writer. In 2011, he wrote and recorded, "Where Hope Lives" for the American Cancer Society and the song for survivors, "Survivors Survive" used in 2015 for #WorldCancerDay. Currently, he operates his website for those affected by cancer, 2surviveonline.com and drinks a ridiculous amount of coffee per day.
Ryan Hamner
When cancer becomes a topic of conversation during a job interview.
Ryan Hamner
This cancer survivor shares his experience with advancements in cancer treatment.
Ryan Hamner
Thinking back on my friends who fought cancer with me can sometimes be daunting, but I like to look for the silver lining.
Ryan Hamner
Here's my advice on all that non-expert advice.
Ryan Hamner
When I was a kid, my Walkman helped me through my chemotherapy treatments.
Ryan Hamner
Doctors, don't just hear us, listen to us.
Ryan Hamner
Take a look at how radiation therapy can impact the future health of your heart.
Ryan Hamner
How a total stranger from Tennessee turned out to be my brother.
Ryan Hamner
Chemotherapy can impact your veins and bruise egos.
Ryan Hamner
A nasty stomach virus might have saved this survivor from colon cancer.

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