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Tamera Anderson-Hanna

Tamera Anderson-Hanna is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addiction Professional, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and became a Registered Yoga Teacher while coping with breast cancer in 2015. She owns Wellness, Therapy, & Yoga in Florida where she provides personal wellness services and coaching and she is a public speaker on wellness-related topics. You can connect with her at www.wellnesstherapyyoga.com.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
Cancer patients sometimes require blood due to anemia, blood loss during surgery, or as a result of negative side effects radiation or chemotherapy have on platelet or red blood cell counts.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
May marks Mental Health Awareness month, a crucial part of the healing required for patients on their cancer journey. 
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
Thrivership and resilience are what we can gain from adversity and help us cope with change.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
Be well and use good judgment at this time to manage your medical care, but don't be afraid to ask and inquire about accommodations that can be made to support your overall well-being.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
There can be advantages to participating in a wellness program with your insurance company.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
For my well-being, I am finding a pineapple a day may help in keeping the doctor away.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
Something I have often done when approaching a problem or setback in life is to find a success story that helps to motivate me and inspire me along my own journey.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
"When diagnosed with breast cancer, it helped for me to reflect daily upon my gratitude list as a way to overcome adversity."
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
Is there anything I would tell my younger self about any risks for cancer? What about now: what can I suggest to my sister? What do I need to tell my children about their risks for cancer?
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
I encourage men to be more knowledgeable of their family history and to potentially begin testing for prostate cancer earlier if you have a family history of the disease.

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