World Congress on Melanoma

Novel Therapy Combinations Are Needed for Melanoma Treatment

October 23rd 2017

Research into combination approaches now focuses on using three anti–PD-1 therapies and new checkpoints, such as IDO.

Immunotherapy Combination Sparks a Response in Melanoma Brain Metastases

October 23rd 2017

The combination of the immunotherapies Opdivo (nivolumab) and Yervoy (ipilimumab) sparked a response in nearly half of asymptomatic patients with melanoma brain metastases who had not received prior local therapy to the brain.

New Immunotherapy Shows Response for Metastatic Melanoma, Study Says

October 23rd 2017

The longest response rate lasted six months.

Immunotherapy Offers New Optimism for Patients With Merkel Cell Carcinoma

October 20th 2017

Although chemotherapy has been used to treat patients with Merkel cell carcinoma, immunotherapy agents show great promise, according to findings presented at the 2017 World Congress of Melanoma.

Associating Genes With Melanoma Risk

October 19th 2017

Maria T. Landi, M.D., Ph.D., principal investigator at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) discusses a recent study that identified genetic variations that may be linked with increased melanoma risk.

Intralesional Combinations Are Promising in Melanoma

October 19th 2017

Intralesional therapies – those delivered directly to the tumor site – used in conjunction with checkpoint inhibitors have shown improvements to the treatment of people with melanoma, says Robert Andtbacka, M.D., in a presentation at the 2017 World Congress of Melanoma.