Andrea Remke

Andrea Remke lives in Northern Kentucky. She has a degree in communications and journalism from Saint Mary's College, South Bend, Ind. Her husband died in 2017 after a battle with aggressive tongue cancer that spread to his lungs. She is finding her way as a newly-widowed mother of an 12-year-old, twin 9-year-olds, and a 6-year-old. She is a freelance writer at Find her at Facebook and on Twitter

Grieving Memories

October 09, 2019

A friend of mine told me the other day how a new song on the radio makes her think of my late husband Matthew. I remember them, too, I said. But I didn't, however, tell her about all the memories of him that are starting to fade.

Still Learning to be Brave

February 26, 2019

After the loss of my husband to cancer, I am still learning to live free of cowardice— to live bravely for as long as I have left.

See You in My Dreams

April 12, 2018

I found my husband there in the dream. He was alive. He was healthy. He could talk again.

Please Don't Tell a Widow to 'Get Over It'

February 26, 2018

There are people out there who have never dealt with a devastating loss, yet apparently are experts when it comes to losing a spouse.