Dr. Elise Lawson


A Ray of Sunshine on the Oncology Ward

Rectal cancer is an overwhelming diagnosis for patients to receive. Anica Bausch's, B.S.N., RN, OCN calm and compassionate demeanor helps patients manage their anxiety and fears surrounding treatment and prognosis.

Christina Klawitter, RN, M.S.N., OCN


Easing Worried Patients During Difficult Times Throughout Cancer Treatment

A colleague writes about an infusion nurse that has the bedside manner to make patients’ experiences with cancer a little calmer with her sense of humor and knowledge.

Margaret Pakulski


The Gentlest Blood Draws

A patient details how a nurse made her experience with blood draws, which can be difficult due to compromised veins, a much more pleasant one.

Barbara Jaffe


How to Have the Cancer Talk with Children

Please, look for advice and resources that do not further complicate or adversely affect your own efforts to cope, but rather offers a path for you to do the best for your kids but still focus on all the aspects of you and your whole family living with cancer.

Julie Scott, D.N.P., ANP-B C


Managing Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

Many survivors see significant hair changes during cancer treatment, leaving a difficult reminder when they look in the mirror.

Michele Ortiz


My Breast Friend: The Woman Who Helps Women Feel Beautiful After Breast Cancer Surgery

One woman created an accessible and affordable business to help women regain confidence after breast cancer surgery through prosthetics.

Harry Small


Writing As A Caregiver: Feelings and Thoughts During My Husband’s Cancer

A caregiver uses poetry to work through their husband's cancer journey.

Kara Pierro


FAQ: Colon Cancer Foundation’s Newly Formed Partnership with Backpack Health, a Konica Minolta Service

Aside from the physical challenges associated with colorectal cancer, managing the many health administrative aspects of a chronic disease is an added burden to the lives of patients and their caregivers.

Missy Robinson, RN


An Oncology Nurse Was a 'Treasure' for a Patient and His Family

A patient would come home from chemotherapy and tell his family how much he enjoyed "visiting" with his oncology nurse.

Suzanne Adriana Remington


A Life Well Lived?

Living with stage 4 cancer begs reflection. Have I lived my life with purpose? How will I be remembered? Did I do all I wanted to do?

Ides Torres, MLS(ASCP)


A Cancer Nurse Who Is Called to Serve

As cliche as it may sound, Kelly Bryant, RN, is the first nurse to arrive and the last nurse to leave each and every day she works.

Dr. Rachel Freedman


Trailblazer, Advocate, Innovator and Clinician For Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

A colleague recognizes the generosity, humility and grace of a metastatic breast cancer expert who has led many practice-changing trials and programs to help as many patients as she can.

Richard Strickland


An Ode to the Oncologist Who Died From Cancer

A cancer survivor who is now in remission writes a poem dedicated to the oncologist who helped save his life but later died from brain cancer.

Cartoon drawing of blogger Joe Bullock
Joe Bullock


After Cancer, All Roads Lead to the Gathering of Wolves

Becoming an advocate after my cancer diagnosis made an impact not only on others, but for myself.

Bernard “Skip” Mann, B.S.N, RN, retired


A Beacon of Hope for Patients With Cancer

According to a colleague, Christine Wylie, M.S.N., RN, OCN, is an excellent resource for patients with cancer.

Jackie Collins


Newer and Unconventional Treatment Methods May Better Manage Breast Cancer Side Effects in the Future

From the use of anti-depressants to cryotherapy, researchers continue to explore potential ways to mitigate the side effects that are associated with breast cancer therapy.

Jason Schwarz, B.S.N., RN


Dedication, Achievement and Grace in Cancer Care

In a field populated by highly skilled and deeply compassionate nursing oncology professionals, Kathryn Buttner, B.S.N., RN, BMTCN, stands out, a co-worker said.

Joy Funkhouser and Lacey White-Stahura


Lifting Weight Off of Patients’ Shoulders

Three different people describe similar experiences with someone who stands alongside them during their journeys.

Teresa Carrillo


A Beacon of Light in Cancer Care

Carrie Williams, M.S.N./Ed, RN, was the nurse who gave me my introduction into the world of chemotherapy treatment.

Michael Urban


Using Group Therapy as a Learning Experience for Patients With Cancer

A patient with cancer recalls his experience with group therapy started by a nurse that helped him learn more not only from her but from others in similar situations.

Elizabeth Frank


More Than Just a Colleague: An Inspiring Individual Fighting for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

A woman with breast cancer honors a colleague for her inspirational work to better the lives of patients with metastatic breast cancer, mentor others and inspire meaningful change.

Beth Thompson


What Can Happen if You Let Your Guard Down to Cancer

A woman describes the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which flipped her life upside down.

Melissa Pantel-Ku


The Meaning of Mindfulness During Cancer

When mindfulness was first recommended when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, I scoffed. But now, years later, I know how important a tool it can be.

Timothy J. Barry


Guiding the Way for Patients With Lung Cancer: 'He Is my Hero'

A lung cancer survivor shares a heartfelt tribute to Dr. Abraham Chachoua, who changed his life.

Karen Poland


Facing the Unique Challenges of Cancer With Fierce Determination

Knowing my friend Brandi since she was a child, I am in awe of how she balanced undergoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer while caring for other patients as an oncology nurse.

Amy Tootle, M.S., B.S.N., RN


Combining Oncology Teaching With Compassion

Jessica Smith, B.S.N., RN, OCN, has been an oncology nurse for 27 years and continues to provide personalized, compassionate care to her patients as a direct care oncology nurse.

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Your Voice in Health Care: A Virtual Assistant Aids Patients, Addresses Gaps in Cancer Care

"WellBe was developed to provide meaningful health information on cancer while staying connected to loved ones with our calling and messaging capabilities.”