Aaron Gerds, MD, MS


Key Takeaways for Patients With Myelofibrosis

Patients with myelofibrosis should reflect on their personal priorities and quality of life goals, understand the range of available JAK inhibitor treatment options, and openly communicate with their doctor to arrive at a shared decision for managing their disease.

Joyce Raisian


What I Would Tell Myself as a Newly Diagnosed Patient

If I could go back and talk to my newly diagnosed self, this is what I would say.

Gary Bloom


Addressing Unmet Needs in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Before closing out their discussion on differentiated thyroid cancer, patients and health care professionals alike consider unmet needs in this space.

Amy Forsythe


More Than A Case Manager

Having a daughter with cancer can be difficult, but having a nurse by your side guiding your daughter and yourself throughout the journey can make things a little less stressful.

Miranda Lankas


Increased BRCA1/2 Testing May Improve Patient Outcomes

The current testing rate for BRCA 1/2 mutations is currently 68% in HER2-negative early breast cancer, but eligible patients could receive better care if tested.

Bryana Tanner


At 23, Cancer Never Crossed My Mind — Until My Diagnosis

In 2022, I was diagnosed with cancer at 23 years old. Here’s what I’ve learned since.

Haley Pollack


Cancer Changed How I Parent

In the depths of chemotherapy, I found myself oscillating between being gloriously present and embarrassingly permissive.

Amanda Hawkins


I Admire My Daughter’s Strength Through Medulloblastoma

Ashton’s story starts with her. Our beautiful, big-hearted, kind girl.

Tamron Little


4 Things I Found Helpful as a Survivor

Here are four things I found to be helpful as a survivor, including showing up for myself.

Christine Dwyer


I Had Appendix Cancer Years After an Appendectomy

When I was diagnosed with a rare cancer at the “stump” of my appendix, I was surprised, considering I had my appendix removed more than a decade ago.

Karen Cavanaugh


The Underwater Tug of Cancer

A retired public health specialist and survivor of both thyroid and breast cancer pens a poem about her experiences with treatment and what it’s like to be “pulled under the water” by cancer.

Heather Hagstrom


'Rainbows of Hope' During Cancer

A woman uses a poem to explain how seeing a double rainbow before and during her cancer journey gave her hope.

Nour Abuhadra, MD


Overcoming Barriers to Treatment Access and Reimbursement

Dr. Noor Abuhadra and patient Shay Elkins discuss overcoming barriers to cancer treatment access and reimbursement. Shay shares her relatively smooth experience with insurance coverage, while Dr. Abuhadra emphasizes that healthcare teams will fight for patient coverage, especially when treatments are backed by research and FDA approval. Dr. Abuhadra also mentions having a financial clearance department to handle denials and secure approvals, as well as training staff to fill out prior authorization forms. Shay underlines the importance of self-advocacy and leveraging online communities for both emotional support and practical advice.

Mary Rohrer


An Inspiring, Guiding Light Through Lung Cancer

"He strengthens you with the scientific knowledge he provides, with his courage as a role model and with his fighting spirit.”

Susan Vanderver


‘I Feel as Though I Know Her:’ How Connectedness and Support for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer Travels Across Social Media

A metastatic breast cancer survivor honors another survivor whom she was inspired by through social media for her contributions to helping others who have lost their hair during cancer treatment and spreading positivity.

Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH


Educating Patients and Caregivers About Prostate Cancer

Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH, offers advice to patients newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and reviews educational resources available for patients and their caregivers.

Irene Gutierrez


My Breast Cancer Support Group Offered Me Advice, Camaraderie

My major source of support throughout my journey was our local breast cancer support group.

Marlana M. Orloff, MD


Advice for Patients Diagnosed with Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

Marlana M. Orloff, MD, offers advice for patients who are diagnosed with metastatic uveal melanoma.

Ngozi Ejedimu


Cancer Gave Me My Voice Back

Where I grew up, cancer was not openly discussed.

Tonya Powell


How an Oncology Nurse Made me Feel Safe in the Infusion Room

A patient details how her oncology nurse always made her feel safe no matter how overwhelming her workload may have been.

Dr. Richard Stone


Caring Deeply About Patients With Cancer, Colleagues and Clinical Research

Ilene Galinsky, ANP-BC, "had the courage to fiercely stand up for her patients’ best interests despite conventions of rank, seniority and arbitrary rules," a colleague said.

Hobert Fields


My Wife’s Oncologist Is a Hero

A man writes about how his wife’s doctor saved her life after she was given three weeks to three months to live.

Courtney Flaherty


High Responses to Jaypirca in Relapsed CLL With BTK Mutations

Among patients with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) who expressed frequent baseline BTK mutations, responses on the non-covalent BTK inhibitor Jaypirca remained high, according to data presented at the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting.

Dr. Inderjit Mehmi


Understanding Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Melanoma Treatment

Depending on the disease specifics, patients with melanoma may undergo pre- or post-surgical therapies.

Timothy Green


Oncology Nurses Have A Love for Healing

One patient recounts how his oncology nurse's love for healing helped him on his treatment journey.

Mari Casanova


A Huge Heart for Patients With Lung Cancer

A patient with small cell lung cancer nominates writes about the woman who connected her to others with the same diagnosis.

Jessica Bolz


Don't Tell Me I'm Not a Cancer Survivor!

I will continue to say that I am a “survivor,” and that is the best title I could ever receive.