Hobert Fields


My Wife’s Oncologist Is a Hero

A man writes about how his wife’s doctor saved her life after she was given three weeks to three months to live.

Timothy Green


Oncology Nurses Have A Love for Healing

One patient recounts how his oncology nurse's love for healing helped him on his treatment journey.

Mari Casanova


A Huge Heart for Patients With Lung Cancer

A patient with small cell lung cancer nominates writes about the woman who connected her to others with the same diagnosis.

Jessica Bolz


Don't Tell Me I'm Not a Cancer Survivor!

I will continue to say that I am a “survivor,” and that is the best title I could ever receive.

Sharie Lisowski


Counting My Blessings As the Wife of a Prostate Cancer Survivor

As the wife of a prostate cancer survivor, I’m eternally grateful for Colorado’s early blood draw program that helped my husband get lifesaving treatment early.

Dr. Kishore Dass


‘Relentless and Incredible Compassion’ Towards Patients With Cancer

An oncologist details how his oncology nurse has helped him for over 12 years and makes him look forward to caring for over 80 patients every day with her support.

Pamela Locke Ulosevich


Experiencing a Lumpectomy and Gaining 'Insight'

A woman writes a poem about how she leaned on family, faith and friends when a suspicious spot was discovered during her annual mammogram appointment.

cartoon drawing of non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor and blogger, John Smelcer
John Smelcer, PhD, CAGS


My Cancer Playlist

I don’t know about you, but music moves me. Literally. It makes me move.

Jayanti Chakraborty


How Cancer Saved Me

While cancer is a horrible disease, it taught me some valuable lessons.

Becky McCabe


When Dealing With Cancer, You Must 'Find Your Person'

I was lucky to find “my person,” when dealing with cancer: someone who was experiencing similar situations as I was, even if she was thousands of miles away.

Tony O'Driscoll


Group Cancer Therapy Turned Panic Into Gratitude

My cancer support group was as important to my cure and healing as my oncologist and surgeon.

Lisa Mummey


Cancer Went From Scary to ‘a Tad More Tolerable’ With a Supportive Oncology Nurse

A patient with cancer details how an oncology nurse was with her throughout treatment despite having a bad reaction with her first round.

Traci Renner


A Patient With Cancer’s Angel on Earth

After undergoing surgery for brain tumors, a patient details how her nurse helped her recovery even while having the coronavirus.

Janice Post-White


My 4-Year-Old Taught Me to Live with My Heart as Well as My Head During Cancer

Even after my son survived cancer, I still had fears — and nightmares — of the worst.

Judith Glanz


The ‘Shining Light’ of the Oncology Team

From public health professional to a patient with breast cancer, this person details the selfless that an oncology nurse exhibits in her daily life.

Kristin Barsness


You Are Not Alone: The Sarcoma Alliance as a Patient Advocate

A nonprofit organization aims to connect patients, caregivers and loved ones affected by sarcoma while educating those about the rare cancer.

Sharon Williams


A Leader With a Sweet Smile and Dedication to Her Patients

One colleague details how her fellow oncology nurse puts her all towards her patients and sets an example for others at her center.

cartoon drawing of gynecologic cancer survivor and blogger, Doris White
Doris Helene White


My Summer While Navigating Cancer

I always enjoyed writing about my summers, but this is what I would write today.

Katina Bland


Unmet Needs in the Management of EGFR Exon 20–Positive NSCLC

Before closing out their discussion on treatment for EGFR Exon 20–Positive NSCLC, experts discuss prominent unmet needs in this setting.

Marjorie Carter


Oncology Nurses Combine Expertise With Compassion

One oncology nurse shows the power of compassion and knowledge with every patient she cares for.

Hannah Clarke


Side Effects Manageable From Talzenna/Xtandi Treatment in Prostate Cancer Subset

Side effects such as anemia and other blood-related events were resolved with dose reductions and/or supportive care in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Antonia DePace


A ‘Miraculous Class of Drugs’ to Increase Accessibility in Lung Cancer

Recent results may lead to more checkpoint inhibitor options and lower treatment prices, giving accessibility to more patients with lung cancer worldwide.

Cecilia Vettraino Strine


'Ugly Blessings’ and Blooming From Cancer’s Lessons

After being diagnosed with a rare cancer, I met some amazing people and have a new appreciation for life.

Mary Leban


How a Young Patient With Cancer Made Me a Better Nurse

An oncology nurse recalls how a young patient with Ewing sarcoma she helped care for taught her about bravery and being honest with patients. Here, she writes how he made her a better nurse.

Anna Mahjar-Barducci


Compassionate Care Goes A Long Way When Receiving Treatment for Cancer

A patient with cancer recalls how the love her care team showed her during her treatment made such a difference in her journey to recovery. Her hope: That more patients with cancer around the world can find doctors who treat them as a person, and not just a case.

Kristin R. Kelly


Cancer Is a Strange, Unconventional Fairy Tale

A woman with breast cancer describes her cancer journey as an unconventional fairy tale, with hope scattered within the darkness.

Sherry King


An Entire Team's Effort to Care for Patients With Cancer

One person credits an entire oncology nurse team for going above and beyond during cancer treatment.

LeAnn Hahn


An Oncology Nurse Wears Many Hats

A cancer survivor details how her oncology nurse was also a therapist and social worker for patients as they received chemotherapy.

Chris Matthews


Like a Vessel

A breast cancer survivor writes a poem about feeling adrift after treatment.

Lacey Buchorn


3 Things Cancer Survivors Need to Remember: From Someone Who Has Been There

“Spending over a third of my life as a cancer survivor, I’ve learned a few lessons along the way,” said Lacey, who was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia 13 years ago.