Chardele Miller


‘A Rock and Gem’ of the Cancer Center

One patient details how her oncology nurse was the caring energy she needed when undergoing treatment for cancer.

Dr. James B. Yu


The Triple Threat Against Lung Cancer: Gifted Clinician, Teacher and Clinical Trialist

Dr. Roy H. Decker is a lung cancer hero — a “triple threat” in lung radiation oncology as a clinical innovator, teacher and ground-breaking clinical trialist, explains a colleague.

Maria Lyn Barr


My Cancer Story: From Unsuspicious Symptoms to an Oncology Support Group

At first, I thought I had hemorrhoids, but ended up eventually being diagnosed with anal cancer.

Charlene Doll


The Woman With Metastatic Breast Cancer Who Made Lemonade From Lemons

An advocate who lost her life due to metastatic breast cancer is honored for her incredible dedication to helping other women feel less alone during their cancer journeys.

Linda Childers


First Cancer, Now Diabetes

Patients "need to be proactive" as they coordinate care between two diseases.

Abra Kelson, LICSW


The Humble Myeloma Hero: Sharing, Learning, Curing

He dreams that this ever-growing body of knowledge will progressively improve the ability to understand and treat cancer; multiple myeloma has been at the center of this dream.

Traci Fotorny


Hope for The Cancer Journey

As difficult as my cancer journey was, there were a lot of good things that came out of it. Cancer changed my life. It changed my perspective. It showed me what is truly important and valuable in life.

Karen Northup


My Cancer Nurse Was My 'Saving Sam'

When I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, my oncology nurse ended up becoming a trusted friend.

Mary Sansone


Comfort Care Companion

Sitting vigil next to an end-of-life patient.

Christen Elledge, MD


A Guardian Angel Among Doctors

An oncologist describes how gifted and compassionate her primary nurse is with the clinical team and with patients with genitourinary and gynecologic cancers.

Stephen Langford


The Difficult Task of Negotiating With Insurance Carriers

One oncology nurse helped her patient with cancer by talking with his insurance carriers to provide a drug he needed for treatment.

Javishkar Reddy


'Divided' Before a Cancer Diagnosis

A man writes a poem about an ex-girlfriend who discovered she had cancer.

Reginald Tucker-Seeley, MA, ScM, ScD


Differences in the Treatment of Patients with Prostate Cancer

An experienced public health and cancer researcher offers advice to patients newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and discusses barriers to access to care.

Shoshana D. Kerewsky


Finding Acceptance of Cancer

A psychotherapist who underwent a bilateral mastectomy writes a haiku about finding acceptance of cancer.

Barbara Sheehan


Patients With Lung Cancer Respond to ‘Did You Smoke?’

The members of my lung cancer support group recently came up with some responses for when people ask us, "So you have lung cancer — did you smoke?"

Tom Spillane, MD


Small-Town Cancer Team, Big Success

An oncologist writes about a local cancer care leader who developed an impressive multidisciplinary cancer team.

Jennifer Ahlstrom


Teaching the World About Multiple Myeloma

Cynthia Chmielewski is a multiple myeloma hero for many around the world.

Jordyn Sava


Adcetris Improves Lymphoma Outcomes, Regardless of PET Scan Results

While PET scans have been used to predict Hodgkin lymphoma outcomes, adding Adcetris to frontline therapy improved outcomes for patients, regardless of their results.

Stephanie Loder


‘Coming Out’ to Cancer: LGBTQIA+ Discrimination in the Health Care System

Fear of facing discriminatory behavior within the health care system, along with other factors, may keep members of the LGBTQIA+ community from receiving cancer diagnoses.

Linda McMillan


Treating the Whole Patient Rather Than Just Cancer Issues

A patient details the compassionate support that she received from an oncology nurse while receiving back-to-back treatments for cancer.

John Walker


Building Bridges of Inclusion in Metastatic Breast Cancer Care

A man describes his wife’s tireless efforts to advocate for people of color in the metastatic breast cancer field, where many still face disparities within care, inclusion in clinical trials and survival outcomes.

Maureen Murphy Chodaba


Perhaps a Pearl: An Experience That Led to Meeting Another Breast Cancer Survivor

A woman dedicates a poem to the experience of meeting a fellow breast cancer survivor.

Jill Feldman


More Than a Career: Lung Cancer Advocate Turns Passion Into Action

Upal Basu Roy has a true gift of being able to think from his heart. He educates the patient community, helps patients navigate the fragmented system, fights for drug access issues in other countries, addresses disparities and supports patient-driven initiatives in research and advocacy.

Melinda Bachini


Balancing Scientific Rigor With Empathy in Cancer Care

Although she has always been driven to excel, Karen Driskill's, M.S., RN, purpose became more focused after her mother-in-law passed away from intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in 2010.

Darlene Burns


Achieving a Childhood Dream by Caring for Patients With Cancer

From her earliest childhood days, Tammy Allred, RN, OCN, had a vision for her future: to soothe and to heal.

Marc Kurnick


Cancer’s Visit

It’s been a long road since being diagnosed with melanoma in early 2020.

Catherine Kanjer Kapphahn


The Waiting Room

A father and daughter spend 39 mornings in radiation oncology.