Bri Majsiak
Bri Majsiak


A Journey to Mastectomy: Here’s What I Learned

It’s amazing the cancer resources and community we have now — something my mom didn’t have.

Lisa Lorden


How Superwoman Battled Stomach Cancer at Age 78

I am a nurse practitioner and a professor. But my best job was being a daughter and caregiver to the most wonderful mother anyone could ever have.

Larry Litwack


Caring Cancer Clinicians Make All the Difference

When I met my myeloma care team, something just clicked, and I knew I was in good hands.

Tiffany Jones


My Cancer Diagnosis Connected Me With My Culture

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I learned more about the disparities that Black women with the disease face.

Colleen Moretti


Making Strides and Breaking Barriers in Breast Cancer

An expert discusses the impact on patients and families lacking equal access to counseling and testing.

Sandra Finestone, PsyD


The 'Gift' of Cancer

A woman describes how cancer changed her life for the better in her poem, 'Gift.'

Dr. Sara Tolaney


Advancing Outcomes and Quality of Life for Patients With Metastatic Cancer

Dr. Nancy U. Lin dedicated her life to improving outcomes for patients with metastatic breast cancer. In this essay, a colleague honors her hard work.

Hengbing Wang, MD


Impacting Communities Around Her as a Patient and Nurse

A doctor describes a nurse that he recruited for his own practice while she was receiving treatment for breast cancer.

Camille Servodidio, RN


Kindness and Healing Play a Strong Role to Patients and Their Care Team

A fellow nurse describes how her colleague is a healing presence to not only her patients but also the clinical team.

Kristy Bonnet


Our Extraordinary Angel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A wife and caregiver describes the oncology nurse who helped her husband until he died from cancer and made an impact on his whole support system.

Rochelle L. Colón


Moving Forward With Life As a Two-Time Cancer Survivor

How do you move on with life after cancer? A two-time breast cancer survivor expresses her hopes and fears in the form of a poem.

Dr. Pauline Cash-Smith


Cancer Overwhelmed Me, But It Didn’t Overtake Me

I’m looking back and sharing the lessons learned from 10 years of cancer survivorship.

Alan Katz


My AML Patient Workshop Experience

Here's what I was asked during an AML patient workshop...

Claudia Jenkins


Lifting Weight Off of Patients’ Shoulders

Three different people describe similar experiences with someone who stands alongside them during their journeys.

Shereea Seals, RN


The Nurse Who Puts Life on Hold to Connect With Patients With Cancer

A colleague nominates her fellow oncology nurse who welcomes everyone who walks through their doors and makes every effort to make patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Lakshmi Yeturu


CRC POP: Arming Newly Diagnosed CRC Patients With Useful Resources

Brian Dooreck, MD, of the Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Centers, Pembroke Pines, Florida, spoke with the Colon Cancer Foundation about their newly launched Colorectal Cancer Provider Outreach Program (CRC POP)—it’s evolution and mission.

Chester Freeman


What I’ve Learned About Having Cancer

After reflecting on my own experience and speaking to others who also had cancer, here are 12 things I’ve learned about dealing with the disease.

Dylann Cohn-Emery


Presurgical Opdivo-Yervoy Combo Has ‘Very Strong Potential’ to Be Standard of Care for Subgroup of Patients With Colon Cancer

None of the more than 100 evaluable patients with mismatch repair deficient colon cancer have experienced disease recurrence after treatment with presurgical Opdivo plus Yervoy, according to study results.

Teresa Levitch


Acceptance and Adaptation Are Essential During Cancer

There are limits and adaptations that are needed during childhood, adulthood and retirement, and I can say the same for every step of my cancer experience.

Kiki Peppard


Cancer: The Ultimate Detour in Life

Since your diagnosis and treatments, how many life direction changes have you made?

Jennifer D. James


Writing ‘Taught Me to Become’ After Cancer

Writing about my breast cancer experience became cathartic to me, and eventually my journal entries were compiled into a book, “Feisty Righty.”

Jason Mendelsohn


When Surviving Cancer is only the Beginning

For head and neck cancer survivor Jason Mendelsohn surviving cancer was only the beginning of his journey as handling severe side effects from treatment altered his day-to-day life.

Dr. Jorge Cortes


A Physician-Scientist With a Huge Heart for Patients With Lung Cancer

A colleague describes Dr. Nagla Abdel Karim’s exemplary compassion for patients with lung cancer and how she works hard to increase representation in cancer clinical trials.

John Dunlap


An Angel of Healing During Cancer Treatment

A patient details the peace he felt in the presence of his oncology nurse while receiving treatment for bladder cancer.

Sue Wilson


An Oncology Nurse’s Great Attitude Can Leave a Lasting Impact on Patients

A patient notes how her advanced practice provider made such an impression on her that she even switched offices to continue their experience.

Laurie McGuire


I Survived and Thrived With Stage 4 Cancer

Two decades ago, I received a stage 4 lymphoma diagnosis, and since then, I’ve learned that life goes on — even with cancer.

Tim McDonald


If I Can Save One Life By Telling My Cancer Story, It Was All Worth It

After being diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer, I made it a mission to share my story and help others.

Bronwyn Belling


A Tireless Champion for Change in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Field

A colleague describes how a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer that later metastasized felt a lack of support and research, leading her to launch support programs for other patients and step into the advocacy field.

Andrew Kuzyk


As a 13-Time Cancer Survivor, I’m Not Doing Too Badly

A 13-time cancer survivor shares his complex, long and frustrating cancer journey, and explains how he is able to keep hope alive.