Carrie Kreiswirth


There Is No Guidebook for Life With Cancer

There is no guidebook to life with cancer, but here a few important lessons I learned along the way.

Sydonnahae Gapour, LPN


An Amazing Oncology Nurse and Role Model

Angela Joseph, RN, is compassionate to both patients with cancer and staffmembers.

Catherine North


Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round of Advanced Cancer Treatment

After seeing my friend get off the merry-go-round of advanced cancer treatment, I am starting to think more seriously and soberly about my next options and decisions.

Audrey Sternberg


Rubraca Staves Off Disease Progression Better Than Chemotherapy in BRCA-Mutant Relapsed Ovarian Cancer, Research Shows

Rubraca improved progression-free survival in patients with BRCA1/2-mutant, platinum-sensitive, relapsed ovarian cancer, according to findings from the ARIEL4 clinical trial.

Molly Lesniak


Addressing Unmet Needs in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Before closing out their discussion on differentiated thyroid cancer, patients and health care professionals alike consider unmet needs in this space.

Mark Klein


The Power of Hope in Cancer Care

A patient's husband writes about the persistence and passion of her oncologist, Dr. Bruno Fang, in helping her through treatment for stage 4 lung cancer.

A cartoon drawing of ovarian cancer survivor and blogger, Debra Greif
Debra Greif


Boundaries Are Essential for Happy Holidays During Cancer

The thought of hosting family for a week in the middle of cancer treatment made me anxious, so I set a boundary — and felt much better after the fact.

Jeannie Jeter


Hope and Positivity May Help Lead to Recovery

A retired registered nurse with tremendous compassion for patients writes a poem about how keeping hope alive throughout cancer treatment can help people recover.

Chris Ryan


Genetic Mutations May Explain Heart Events in Some Patients With Kidney Cancer

Although research has delved into the potential link between clonal hematopoiesis and heart-related events such as heart attacks and strokes in patients with kidney cancer, more research is needed to further understand this association.



A Game of Chess: Finding the Right Treatment Options for Patients with Multiple Myeloma

As the treatment landscape for multiple myeloma continues to evolve, it is key for patients to find a specialist in the field, ask questions and learn more about their options.

Jennifer Nellany


You Are Not Alone: The Sarcoma Alliance as a Patient Advocate

A nonprofit organization aims to connect patients, caregivers and loved ones affected by sarcoma while educating those about the rare cancer.

Deborah Ann Both, B.S.N., RN, CTTS


Striving for a Cancer-Free World

Christine Eastep demonstrates the highest commitment to every one of the patients and her staff to improve the outcomes in lung cancer treatment, with a commitment to sending her staff nurses to tobacco cessation classes.

Molly Conklin, B.S.N., RN, PCCN


Oncology Nurses Present Composure, Kindness and Professionalism For Patients with Cancer

An oncology nurse clinical leader details how one of her staff members brought out the best in those around her, patients and nurses alike.

Kim Margolin, M.D.


In Plain English—Intratumoral Injection: Boosting the immune response against metastatic melanoma by the direct injection of immunotherapy into tumor masses

Intratumoral injection—the boosting of the immune response against metastatic melanoma by the direct injection of immunotherapy into tumor masses—is a promising treatment method because it’s effective AND it seems to cause fewer toxicities for the patient than combination systemic immunotherapy.

Jackie Topol, M.S., RD


Warm Up With Fall Recipes

The new season calls for a new set of nutrient-rich recipes — ones with the perfect blend of fresh vegetables and hearty flavors.

Rachel Wong, RDN, CSO, LDN


6 Cancer-Friendly, Super Food Recipes for Super Bowl Parties

Patients with cancer, their friends and families can enjoy these guilt-free recipes when sitting down to watch the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals go toe-to-toe during Super Bowl 56 on Sunday.

Amanda Badal


Why Oncology Nurses Are Adored By All

Oncology nurses are the backbone of cancer care, and here's why they are cherished by patients and fellow nurses alike.

Marcus Yoakam, B.S.N., RN, ONS


My Magnificent 'Mom' at the Cancer Center

"Kristen Mitchell, A.D.N., or 'Mom,' as I affectionately call her, is the epitome of what every oncology nurse should strive to be."

Eric Davis


'Smell the Rain,' and Make Yourself Smile Despite Cancer

A poem about cancer written by a man who subsequently died of the disease explores the idea of finding the small joys in life despite the pain of cancer and treatment.

Trey Kennedy


One Myeloma Hero Helps Others While Helping Herself

At 77 years young, Dr. Huntimerhas been dealing with the cancer world via her own battles with tumors and treatments since she was 22 years old.

Jonathan Colemere


Channeling Anger Into Advocacy After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A colleague explains how one woman transformed the devastation of her breast cancer diagnosis into a “war strategy” of advocacy, starting at her kitchen table.

Ashling Wahner


Keytruda Improves Disease-Free Survival in Advanced Bladder Cancer

Postsurgical Keytruda improved disease-free survival — but not overall survival — in patients with locally advanced, muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

Liz McSpadden


Hot Weather, Hot Flashes, Hot Mess: Dealing With Cancer-Related Hot Flashes in the Summer Months

I used to love spending time outdoors during the warm weather, but when I started getting hot flashes after my cancer-related oophorectomy, enjoying hot days got a bit trickier.



How a Nutritious Diet May Help During Myeloma Treatment

Maintaining a healthy diet during treatment may help combat side effects.

Nicholas Wrigley


Promacta Improves Platelet Count, Transfusion Independence in MDS

Promacta tended to boost platelet counts in patients with low-risk MDS, and helped those patients be independent of transfusions, too.

James Danaher


Living Life Between Cancer Appointments

When cancer entered our life, fear was a constant. However, we tried to live as joyously as possible between check-ups.