Melanie Schofield-Norris


Strange Tattoos: A Look at My Cancer Experience

The temporary tattoos that guided the radiation for my cancer treatment were not beautiful, artistic or cool — they were more than that.

Adriana Santiago


With Cancer, Quality of Time Matters More Than Quantity

A woman describes how caring for her mother, who has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, drastically changed her life and her priorities.

Steven Eichberg


Raising Lymphoma Awareness During Blood Cancer Awareness Month

While much progress has been made in treating blood cancers like lymphoma, I know that there is still far more work to be done.

Kristin Ito


The Lung Cancer Advocate Who Is a Friend to All

A woman who has worked with Upal Basu Roy in the lung cancer space for many years explains why he is a lung cancer hero to everyone he has worked with, due to his dedication and empathy.

Barbara James


Cancer Showed Me Who My Friends Were (and Weren’t)

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, it stays with you 24/7.

Lisa Hineman


When Eyes and Words Become Smiles and Hugs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

One team of oncology nurses rose above the challenges during the pandemic to continually care for their patients in different ways.

Dr. Jonathan Bank


Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome: What Patients Need to Know

More than half of patients may experience PMPS, a type of chronic nerve pain, following mastectomy and breast surgery.

Gayle Sellers


I Wish I Was Told Everything That May Happen While Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy affected my brain in ways that I was never told about.

Janet Watson


A Cancer Poem: Rock-Solid Strength

A poem from a mother to her daughter after her breast cancer diagnosis.

Janie McCutchen


‘Treadmill of Survivorship’ With a Supportive Oncology Nurse

A patient with ovarian cancer details the compassion she experienced with her oncology nurse even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tracey Lang


'My Hero, Our Angel': How One Oncology Nurse Changed Patients Lives

One patient talks about how their oncology nurse was a hero to not just her, but many other patients in the clinic.

Jessica Hensley


Paying it Forward in the Flow

A woman shares the story of her journey with multiple cancer types, including the same one that her mother died from.

Dr. Dan Raz


A Lung Cancer Healer Like No Other

An oncologist explains why Tami Tittlefitz, a lung cancer nurse practitioner, is "one of a kind: a saint and a healer."

Lisa Bell


Hope Shared for Patients With Cancer Is Hope Multiplied

A patient with lung cancer explains how Terri Conneran, a patient advocate, helped her understand her disease and fight for proper care in a country with less options.

Jane Annunziata


What Would You Tell Your Newly Diagnosed Self?

My world turned upside down in April 2013 on the anniversary of my mother in laws death from metastatic breast cancer.

Hope Kasr


I Use My Cancer Diagnosis to Help Others

When I share my story and use my cancer diagnosis to help others, cancer becomes a “club” that’s a little more inviting.

Madiha Zaidi


Benefits of a Shared Decision-Making Tool for Colorectal Cancer Patients

A shared decision-making tool is an approach that allows the clinician to collaborate with the patient in reaching evidence-informed decision making.

Mara Klecker


Friendship is Forever

Gina Roller’s best friend, Kerri-Lynn Larimer, adopted and lived by the motto “crazy not to” long before she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.

Nora Massignotti-Cortese


License to Live: How a Fishing Retreat Liberated Me from Cancer

Talking about cancer can be a great burden but sharing one’s story can be liberating. Even if you share it while fishing.

Chung-Han Lee, MD


Unmet Needs and Future Perspectives in the Treatment of RCC

Bryan Lewis, president of KidneyCAN, and Chung-Han Lee, MD, describe unmet needs and future perspectives in the treatment of renal cell carcinoma.

Ryan Scott


Obesity May Lead to Aggressive Breast Cancer Tumor Biology

Data showed that metabolic and genetic factors could contribute to aggressive tumors in Latin American and non-Hispanic White patients with breast cancer.

Melody Saberon Ybarra


Going Through Cancer as a Young Adult Shaped My Outlook on Life

I went through two grueling bouts of cancer when I was a young adult, which drastically shaped my life.

Hope Aguilar


Your Life Is Not Over Because of Cancer

At the moment it may be hard to realize, but your life is not over because of cancer.

Angela Patterson


It’s Best to ‘Be a Pest’ When Self-Advocating

Being a self-advocate also means self-care.

Elisabeth Schlegel


How One Cancer Nurse Exhibits Compassion on a Daily Basis

During anxious times throughout treatment, one patient details how her oncology nurse helped her to relax at visits to her cancer center.

Terri Hoffmann


I Promised One Happy Thing a Day During Cancer Treatment

Surprisingly, there were many reasons to be happy, even throughout my difficult cancer treatments, and I have some awesome memories.

Alex Biese


Why Kristen Dahlgren Left NBC To Advocate for Breast Cancer Vaccines

“We've all been touched by breast cancer in some way. And we need everybody to be a part of this solution,” Kristen Dahlgren told CURE, regarding her decision to be a co-founder of the Pink Eraser Project.

Ginny Kirklin, M.P.H


Champion of the Patient With Cancer's Voice

Oncology nurse, Abbey Kaler, M.S., APRN, FNP-C, CMSRN daily follows the motto “Love, Listen and Heal.”