Joe Bullock

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Joe Bullock was diagnosed in May of 2018 with stage 3b colorectal cancer after a routine colonoscopy at age 50. During the colonoscopy his GI doctor at Duke Cancer Center found two polyps and a 1Ocm tumor in my colon. He had surgery to remove the tumor, and the surgeon reconnected his colon, and he had 40 lymph nodes removed. Three of those polyps tested positive for cancer.

After surgery Joe underwent treatment with two forms of chemotherapy. In February, 2019 he became known as NED (no evidence of disease). He always says for cancer survivors being NED is like a gift you don't know how to unwrap but you are grateful to have it.

Over the last couple of years Joe has been working on finding his voice in the cancer community. He has begun living by the mantra " Cancer might be done with me but I'm not done with cancer."