Barbara Chernow

Barbara A. Chernow, PhD (Columbia University), is the founder of Chernow Editorial Services, Inc., a company that produces medical and professional books for publishers worldwide. She has also edited many reference projects, including the Columbia Encyclopedia, is the author of Beyond the Internet, and has taught at NYU and the New School. She published an article, The Other Side of Grief, in the Brooklyn Quarterly .

Friendships and Cancer: A Delicate Balance

December 07, 2016

What is the appropriate reaction when a friend is diagnosed with cancer? Should you be sympathetic, optimistic, questioning? How do you handle your own fears—those you feel for your friend and, particularly as you grow older, those that evoke the possibility of personal loss and even the reality of your own vulnerability?

Palliative Care in Cancer: A Quality-of-Life Choice

November 11, 2016

Respect the right of a patient with cancer to decide against treatment or to reach a point where fighting the disease is no longer worth the suffering.

Oral Cancer Surgery and Functional Rehabilitation: Be Positive, But Realistic

September 09, 2016

Any diagnosis of cancer is frightening, but the functional, psychological and cosmetic effects of oral cancer treatment create an additional layer of fear. Even patients who are treated successfully will require care throughout their lives. This disease exacts an unending physical and mental price.

Facial Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Reactions and First Steps

August 19, 2016

Fortunately, cancer awareness has increased, and so have treatment options. One of my goals is to encourage patients and families to maximize their use of available resources to minimize post-treatment challenges and discomfort.