Bonnie Annis

Bonnie Annis is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2014 with stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma with metastasis to the lymph nodes. She is an avid photographer, freelance writer/blogger, wife, mother and grandmother.

Who Needs Nipples Anyway? The Impacts of Breast Cancer Surgery

June 28, 2021

Many women with breast cancer choose to undergo reconstruction after mastectomy. Of those women, some opt for nipple sparing surgeries while others do not. “Those who choose to save their nipples are often disappointed when the tissue dies or no longer functions as it did before surgery,” writes one survivor. “But why are nipples so important?”

Sharing Your Cancer Story

June 21, 2021

“Each person living with cancer has a story to tell, but some may choose not to share it because of its personal nature,” writes one survivor. In this piece, she describes how she found a way to give her story words.

Summer Skin Care

May 26, 2021

“Summer finds many of us outdoors and during that time, it’s important to protect our skin from the dangerous rays of the sun,” writes one breast cancer survivor. Learn more about how to use sunscreen, protect your skin and avoid skin cancer.

Helping a Loved One Cope with Advanced Cancer

May 19, 2021

When a patient’s cancer care team determines treatment is no longer working, it’s time to make some difficult decisions regarding long-term care, writes one breast cancer survivor. Here, she shares advice on how family members can offer their love and support.

Years Later, the Decision to Walk Away from Aromatase Inhibitors Has Worked for Me

April 24, 2021

“It’s been almost seven years since I made the decision to stop taking aromatase inhibitors and I’m happy to report I’m feeling great,” writes a cancer survivor. “There are no more unwanted side effects. The decision to stop taking the medication was right for me.”

What Cancer Survivors Should Know About Tattoos

April 08, 2021

Some cancer survivors mark the end of their treatment by getting tattoos, but could that body art cause potential health risks? Here a cancer survivor — who has more than 10 tattoos — shares her perspective.

Downloading the Details During a Cancer Journey

April 01, 2021

What happens when health is affected by an unexpected illness such as cancer? Does their quality-of-life decline? Here, one survivor writes how she used the gift of recording the details of her journey to better her life after a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer is Not a Convenient Excuse

March 25, 2021

Many cancer survivors may feel the urge to use their disease as a convenient excuse for avoiding unpleasant situations, writes a survivor. However, she urges others to avoid giving into that power.

Flatties Unite: The Choice to Forego Breast Reconstruction

January 06, 2021

Choosing to forego breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery can cause one to feel like the lone ranger, but that feeling doesn’t last long, especially upon the discovery of an entire flattie tribe.

October is About More Than Pink Ribbons

October 09, 2020

Every October, pink ribbons pop up as a symbol of breast cancer awareness. This year, marketing strategies have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One survivor offers some insight on those changes.

The Emotional Side of Recovery

August 09, 2020

After a traumatic event, such as breast cancer, it's important for a person to self-monitor. Feelings of anxiety or depression can be debilitating, but there's no reason to suffer in silence.

Financial Toxicity: the Financial Side Effect of Cancer

July 23, 2020

In this post, learn more about financial toxicity and how to combat it.