Erica Finamore

Erica Finamore is an editor and writer from New York City. After 26 months of caregiving, she lost her husband to glioblastoma, a terminal brain cancer, at age 30. She is a brain tumor research advocate and member of the Gray Nation Endurance Team through National Brain Tumor Society.

How I Wish You Could Have Seen It All

April 17, 2021

A wife pens a letter to her husband on the first anniversary of his death from cancer about all the things he’s missed — from the big dates to the boring days, such as just watching TV with their dog.

Not a Love Story, But a Story About Love

March 22, 2021

Instead of using the cliché of calling the story of her and her husband’s relationship a classic “love story”, this caregiver who lost her husband to glioblastoma after just 26 months reflects on why she prefers to focus on the fact that they weren’t superhuman – they were just lucky enough to find each other.

How Joe Biden’s Experience With Cancer Influenced My Journey

December 10, 2020

President-elect has a well known personal relationship with cancer as his son Beau Biden was diagnosed with glioblastoma and passed from this disease. This high-profile journey and story had an impact on my own journey with cancer.