Gogs Gagnon

Gogs Gagnon followed an early passion for computers by becoming a programmer and an independent technology consultant. He has developed software for Apple, IBM and the government of British Columbia, where he was the lead programmer analyst and data architect. Now retired, Gogs is a cancer survivor, author and patient advocate who is passionate about sharing his experience and lessons learned. His book, “Prostate Cancer Strikes: Navigating the Storm,” is available on Amazon and distributed free across Canada to everyone newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.

You can connect with Gogs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram at @gogsgagnon and subscribe to his YouTube Channel and website blog at https://gogsgagnon.com.

I Regret Not Recognizing My Sister's Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Sooner

December 02, 2021

A prostate cancer survivor explains his regret over not pushing his sister to visit the doctor as soon as she showed concerning symptoms, which were eventually revealed to be the stage 4 ovarian cancer that took her life.

I Pretended to Be Tough After Learning of my Cancer Diagnosis

November 22, 2021

Men are often discouraged by society from openly sharing their emotions. A cancer survivor explains why lessons from childhood around how men should behave prevented him from finding support for his mental health.