Kevin Berry

Kevin Berry is an 13-year mantle cell lymphoma survivor, in his third remission. He works on Human Spaceflight programs, is a freelance writer and editor, and supports newly diagnosed patients through his ministry, Taking Vienna. He lives in Central Florida with his wife and adult children.

Paging Dr. Web

March 21, 2019

Surprise! You can’t believe everything you read on the internet!

The Hero Inside Every Cancer Survivor

September 03, 2018

One of the things I think about is the future. All cancer patients know we have two futures: One where things go well, and one where they don't.

Diagnosis Day Three

June 28, 2018

Moving from shock to action is hard, but it's critical to surviving cancer

My Invisible Coaches

June 21, 2018

Sometimes the people who inspire us are closer than we realize.

Happiness Comes And Goes, But Joy Is Forever

May 18, 2018

Do you know the difference between happiness and joy?

From Feeling Guilt To Feeling Good

April 17, 2018

Lets try positive motivation to improve our diet and exercise habits!

Guilt Is Good, Says One Cancer Survivor

March 23, 2018

Kevin unleashes his inner guilt for the benefit of you, gentle readers.

'Adulting' Through Cancer: A Step-by-Step Guide

January 15, 2018

Kevin explains the delights of being both a cancer patient and an adult.

You Know You've Been to the Oncologist Too Many Times When...

November 02, 2017

You walk in and the entire staff yells your name, al la “Norm” of Cheers fame

Everything You Wanted to Know About Graft Versus Lymphoma Effect But Were Afraid to Ask

May 02, 2017

A mantle cell lymphoma survivor discusses being a transplant patient.