Ronny Allan

Ronny Allan is an award-winning international patient advocate for those with neuroendocrine cancer and he is a long-term survivor of the disease. He frequently writes about the many aspects of living with a long-term and incurable cancer including diagnostics, treatment, education, support and campaigning for more attention for unmet patient needs. He runs various social media outlets including a blog at and an award-winning community site at - both generating awareness amongst the global medical community about this less common cancer. He is passionate about moving his condition into mainstream health areas.

Poker Face or Cancer Card?

October 12, 2017

Before I was diagnosed, I had my share of illnesses, but none that slowed me down like cancer could.

Cancer Isn't All About Me

October 04, 2017

Since my diagnosis of incurable and metastatic neuroendocrine cancer in 2010, it's really all been about me.