Sarah DeBord

Sarah DeBord was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer at age 34. In the years since, she has turned her diagnosis into a calling, and become an advocate for other young adults diagnosed with colorectal cancer and parents with young families facing cancer. She works as a communications and program manager for the Minneapolis-based Colon Cancer Coalition , volunteers her time with the online patient-led support community COLONTOWN , and blogs about her often adventurous experiences of living with chronic cancer at

Donating My Body After Cancer: My Final Gift to the Science that Saved Me

August 28, 2019

Aside from controlling what happens leading up to my death, I've given a lot of thought and put the wheels in motion for what will happen to me after I die.

Back to School: Talking to Teachers about Your Cancer

August 22, 2019

To tell or not to tell? That is a question I ask myself at the start of every school year. Do I tell my children's teachers I have cancer?

Lessons Learned in My Search for a Metastatic Cancer Clinical Trial

July 11, 2019

The search for a clinical trial would turn out to be my most daunting mission yet as a patient with cancer. Here are five important lessons I've learned throughout my search.

The Deluxe Car Wash of Genomic Testing

July 04, 2019

A quick scroll through the list of clinical trials made it clear I didn't know enough about my tumor and the mutations that made it unique.