Steve Rubin

At just thirty years old, Steve was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare and aggressive bone cancer. The journey has taken him through chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and many different avenues of holistic health. An avid blogger, Steve shares his personal health regimens as well as love of music, movies and sports in his writing. Follow along his quest for wellness as he reacclimates into the world in spite of daunting statistics. You can connect with Steve on Instagram @steve_othercword, Twitter @othercword and his website,

What I Have Learned Helping Friends Through Health Scares

April 22, 2021

Finding the balance between offering support and guidance while at the same time not overwhelming people going through health scares isn’t easy, writes a cancer survivor. He notes that although it may take some practice to get right, it is an important skill for cancer thrivers to get down.

Anchors and Sunsets: A Magical Getaway from Cancer

September 12, 2020

We arrived in a remote region of Long Island just in time to sit back on the deck overlooking the bay and catch a magical, breathtaking sunset. Five years of struggling through cancer, we’d damn well earned this moment.