Trevor Maxwell

Trevor Maxwell is a writer, speaker, PR consultant, and former newspaper reporter. He lives in Maine with his wife and two daughters. In March of 2018, he was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and is currently on immunotherapy. Trevor recently founded Man Up to Cancer, a mission-driven company and online community designed to empower men -- and those who love them -- to avoid isolation throughout their cancer journeys.

Men, Cancer, and the 'S' Word

March 18, 2020

What happens to the American man -- one who has been taught there is no hurdle he can't handle on his own -- when a challenge comes along that he can't simply fix?

Racing The Sunset With Sarah

February 18, 2020

On every cancer journey we need a strong support group to provide strength, acceptance and love — for one patient with cancer their spouse stepped into that role and beyond.

Finding My People in COLONTOWN

November 23, 2019

A writer and stage 4 colon cancer patient from Maine attends his first patient workshop since diagnosis, and leaves with lifelong bonds.