Rob Paulsen

Rob is the voice of Pinky from “Pinky and the Brain,” Raphael (and Donatello) from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and Carl Wheezer from “Jimmy Neutron.” He has an Emmy, Annie and Peabody Award.

Hulu has started airing all new episodes of Speilberg’s “Animaniacs.” The show which was introduced to millenials 30 years ago will return with the original cast including Rob voicing Yakko, one of the Warner siblings who lives in the water tower on the Warner Bros. lot. The show has been picked up for a 3rd season.

Rob’s memoir Voice Lessons (released by Viva Editions, an imprint of Start Publishing), chronicles his journey with cancer. Ironically a man who uses his voice for work found himself with throat cancer (now recovered.)