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Scott Foley Opens Up About Caregiving

In this week’s episode, we spoke with actor Scott Foley, who opened up about his experience as a caregiver to his mother after her ovarian cancer diagnosis and why he joined the Not on My Watch movement to help educate others.
BY Kristie L. Kahl
PUBLISHED February 28, 2019
For 25-plus years, we’ve watched Scott Foley in a variety of acting roles – on shows like “Felicity,” “Scandal” and now “Whiskey Cavalier” – but many don’t know about his role as a caregiver to his mother after she received an ovarian cancer diagnosis when he was just 11.

Following his experience, Scott has teamed up with Tesaro as part of the Not on My Watch movement to share his story in hopes of educating others about treatments advances in ovarian cancer and why women no longer have to just watch and wait if their disease recurs.

With each share of Scott’s public service announcement, Tesaro will donate $5 to ovarian cancer patient organizations and support programs. For more information and to watch the video, visit
Continue the conversation on CURE’s forum. >>
Talk about this article with other patients, caregivers, and advocates in the Ovarian cancer CURE discussion group.

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