CURE Fall 2022

A Shift in Focus for Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

September 20, 2022


Years ago, the goal of head and neck cancer treatment was strictly focused on a cure. Now, there has been a slight change in approach to improve survival rates while preserving quality of life.

Few Patients With Breast Cancer Are Educated on Treatments' Affects on Sexual Health

August 08, 2022

Although very few patients are informed about the effects that breast cancer treatments may have on their sexual health, many patients expressed wanting that information throughout all stages of their treatment, according to study findings.

Sarcoma Deserves More Attention in the Spotlight

July 20, 2022

Even in the public health shadows of the more common cancers like breast cancer, for the few but strong patients with a sarcoma diagnosis, we are obligated to spread awareness, restore hope and with specialist care, ensure the best possible outcomes.