‘Duran Duran’ Guitarist Misses Hall of Fame Induction Due to Cancer, ‘Yellowstone’ Actor Discusses His Diagnosis and More


From the singer of “Duran Duran” revealing his stage 4 cancer diagnosis — and missing the band’s induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because of it — to Barry Corbin’s oral cancer fears, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Original host of CNN sports and YES Network, Fred Hickman, died from liver cancer.

Fred Hickman, a sports broadcaster who helped launch CNN Sports and YES Network, died after being diagnosed with liver cancer. He was 66 years old.

Hickman was one of CNN’s first anchors who co-hosted “Sports Tonight” with Nick Charles. Later, in 2001, Hickman went to YES Network before moving on to ESPN as the “SportsCenter” host in 2004. From 2008 to 2011, he worked with Fox as the pre- and post-game host for the Atlanta Braves. Most recently, Hickman was the anchor and managing editor at Black News Channel.

“A light has gone out,” Fred’s wife, Sheila Hickman, told CNN.

John J. Filippelli, president of production and programming at the YES Network, commented on Hickman’s death on Twitter, “As a professional, Fred was noteworthy for his studio acumen, his presence that gave a fledgling network instant credibility, his dedication to his craft and his excellence under pressure. His legacy, besides being one of extraordinary accomplishment was — as a person — his dignity, grace and kindness to all who were fortunate enough to come in contact with him.”

Duran Duran guitarist missed the induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because of his prostate cancer.

Andy Taylor, the guitarist for the English rock band, Duran Duran, had to miss the group’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Los Angeles because he has stage 4 prostate cancer — a fact that was made known to the public during the ceremony when lead singer Simon Le Bon read part of a letter that Taylor wrote.

“Just over four years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer,” the letter read. “Many families have experienced the slow burn of this disease, and of course we are no different; so I speak from the perspective of a familyman but with profound humility to the band, the greatest fans a group could have and this exceptional accolade."

Taylor, aged 61, shared that his disease is “not immediately life threatening,” though “there is no cure.”

“Yellowstone” actor Barry Corbin’s oral cancer diagnosis almost changed his signature southern drawl.

Corbin, who is 82 years old, was diagnosed with oral cancer earlier in 2022 and underwent surgery for the disease, which he feared would impact his cowboy voice and signature look.

“(Clinicians) told me there was a possibility my vocal cords would be impacted and that would cause a big disruption in my business,” Corbin said to “Today.”

"He did have some fear that he would not look the same when he returned to work after the surgery. He says he put his trust in the makeup people to make him presentable,” Barry’s wife, Jo Corbin, told “People.” “And if that wasn’t possible, he thought he might be written off the show.”

Singer Taylor Dayne shared news about her cancer and urged people to get screened.

Grammy-nominated ‘80s pop star Taylor Dayne revealed on “Good Morning America” that she received a diagnosis of colon cancer after a routine colonoscopy.

The 60-year-old singer, who is known for her hits including “Tell It to My Heart” and “Prove Your Love,” said that after being diagnosed, she had 10 inches of her colon surgically removed and is now cancer-free.

Now, Dayne is advocating for others to discuss risk factors with their doctors and undergo necessary cancer screenings.

"When you're really sick, you don't have the energy, you're really relying on your champions around you, your soldiers, your people," she said. "Find the doctor that will tell you the truth. Be a warrior for yourself."

Batman voice actor died of cancer.

Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in the show “Batman: The Animated Series,” died shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. He was 66 years old.

Conroy also starred in other movies: “Batman: Gotham Knight,” “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies,” “Justice League: Doom,” “Batman: The Killing Joke” and “Justice League vs. the Fatal Five.”

“Warner Bros. Animation is saddened by the loss of our dear friend Kevin Conroy,” WB Animation said in a statement. “His iconic performance of Batman will forever stand among the greatest portrayals of the Dark Knight in any medium. We send our warmest thoughts to his loved ones and join fans around the world in honoring his legacy.”

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