'Stronger Than the Storm' of Cancer


A woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer shares a poem about dealing with the obstacles of a health crisis and the struggles of life in general.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 incurable ovarian cancer in November 2015. From day one to now, August 2021, my unwavering strength, toughness and disposition may help those that are not in the same place as me. "Be stronger than the storm" does not apply to just a health crisis, but also as one journeys through life when confronted with obstacles.


My heartfelt thanks for what you have given me

Love, support, kindness and care

I have strength and courage that you can see

Even though at times it's hard to bear

No tears, moaning, groaning or "why me"

I have always handled life's blows

With things out of my control, let it be

I took it all in stride, and said, "That's how it goes"

Despite traveling the long and winding road

I can honestly say I am blessed nevertheless

Stay strong, hang tough, go with the flow

Free from burdens that cause some to stress

Be stronger than the storm, this I am

I weather whatever comes my way

Go through and endure the best I can

With each passing and precious day

I am not a pessimist

I am not an optimist

I am a realist

It is what it is

This poem was originally submitted for the CURE® 2021 Poetry Contest.

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