2023 Myeloma Action Month: The Global Multiple Myeloma Community Comes Together to Raise Awareness

Press Release

Myeloma Action Month, a transformative annual event, gathers the global multiple myeloma community to stand united in the fight against this rare cancer. In an inspiring video presented by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), viewers witness the profound impact of this month-long initiative, highlighting the strength of collective action.

The video's central focus is on raising awareness about multiple myeloma, a challenging and incurable cancer that affects plasma cells in the bone marrow. During Myeloma Action Month, the global community strives to shine a light on this disease, its symptoms, and available treatment options to improve early diagnosis and patient outcomes.

Through touching stories and testimonials, the video showcases the resilience of myeloma patients, survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. By sharing their experiences, they create a supportive network, fostering hope and empowerment for those facing similar journeys.

Beyond raising awareness, Myeloma Action Month is a powerful platform for advocating advancements in myeloma research and support. The video features a range of events and activities organized during the month, including fundraising campaigns, educational webinars, and local support group gatherings.

The video emphasizes how the impact of Myeloma Action Month spans borders, transcending geographical boundaries to form a global alliance against myeloma. Together, participants amplify their voices, calling for improved treatments, enhanced patient care, and ultimately, a cure.

Witnessing the incredible power of unity and determination, viewers are inspired to take part in this meaningful cause. The video encourages individuals to join the movement, support the myeloma community, and contribute to a future where myeloma patients can lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Myeloma Action Month showcases the immense power of collective action as the global multiple myeloma community comes together to raise awareness, empower patients, and advocate for advancements in myeloma research and support. The IMF video serves as a testament to the transformative impact of this annual initiative, inspiring viewers to play an active role in making a positive difference during Myeloma Action Month.

Video: https://www.myeloma.org/videos/myeloma-action-month-global-multiple-myeloma-community-came-together-raise-awareness

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