45 and still alive


I love July! Cancer becomes part of the background while life takes center stage with Independence Day, Karlie's birthday, my birthday, a camping trip and even time at the beach. Today, Ronnie and I are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. This year marks a new milestone because we have now shared more years together with cancer in our lives than we have without. It's more than a little mind-boggling! When I was diagnosed we thought our dreams had halted; not realizing that they had only been altered; and perhaps even enhanced. No one discussed treating stage 4 colon cancer back then. Even now, it still remains a frightening diagnosis but research has paved the way for many more treatments to join the one and only treatment that was available. Further developments are on the horizon. It was exciting last night to listen to Fight Colorectal Cancer's webinar on "Treating Late Stage Colon Cancer" and to see our oft forgotten population highlighted. There was even discussion about the importance of clinical trials along with the value of a team approach and individualized care. You can listen to the presentation here: http://t.co/qXgYU5zt Not only have I benefited from the standard treatments that were discussed, but the targeted procedures that have helped to downstage my disease. From SIR-Spheres to CyberKnife, I'm grateful for the dedication and commitment of the healthcare professionals that have allowed me to live these extra years of "muchness" with my family. These years have given us many lessons. We are no longer waiting for our rocking chair days but instead making the most of every day. Nothing is taken for granted and today is an extraordinary day. The table is draped in pink, balloons fill the room and there are even party hats. We have enough cupcakes to feed a small army. It's our anniversary, Chloe Day, and there is much to celebrate 'cause I'm 45 and still alive!

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