5 Recent Diet and Exercise News and Updates That Cancer Survivors, Patients May Have Missed


CURE® compiled a roundup of five recent pieces of diet and exercise-related news and updates that patients with cancer may have missed.

There have been several updates involving diet and exercise over the past several weeks. Here, CURE® looks back at some of the information that patients with cancer may have missed.

  • Cancer loves glucose, which is why fasting, restricting calorie consumption or following the ketogenic diet may make chemotherapy and some other cancer treatments more effective and easier to tolerate, early evidence shows. READ MORE.
  • Exercise may help prevent cancer or its recurrence and improve quality of life for survivors of the disease. READ MORE.
  • To gain a better understanding of the issues faced by geriatric patients with cancer, and to determine how much of a role nutrition plays in outcomes, Dr. Grant Williams worked with colleagues to create a patient-reported assessment tool that bridges the knowledge gap in this patient population. READ MORE.
  • The reduced incidence in developing advanced cancer in patients at least 50 years and older was more prominent in those with normal weight vs. overweight or obesity. READ MORE.
  • Into a stew of self-blame of a cancer diagnosis comes more research showing that what people eat may matter in terms of a first diagnosis of breast cancer, writes one CURE® contributor. READ MORE.

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