7 Recent News and Updates That Cancer Caregivers May Have Missed


CURE® compiled a roundup of several recent stories that cancer caregivers may have missed.

Many cancer caregivers may feel isolated as they provide support to a loved one who may either be receiving treatment or just recently received their diagnosis. Here, CURE® looks back at some recent news, updates and contributor submissions that cancer caregivers may have missed.

  • In the wake of a cancer journey as a caregiver, mammograms have a new meaning and come with new emotions. READ MORE.
  • Cancer impacts the entire family. But some spouses are acting as caregivers are experiencing depression and anxiety, without seeking help. READ MORE.
  • It’s excruciating for a person to hear their cancer diagnosis, and they need their caregiver to help them through it. Here, a cancer survivor offers first-time caregivers some tips. READ MORE.
  • Navigating the scary path of a cancer caregiver possibly becoming the patient with cancer. READ MORE.
  • In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the serious medical difficulties patients with cancer face have been brought to the forefront for health care. But we can learn lessons from these challenges and find a stronger path forward. READ MORE.
  • Caregiving for a patient with cancer is an ongoing journey that also requires the caregiver to learn along the way. One couple discusses that process. READ MORE.
  • The balancing act of being a caregiver and parent simultaneously is one that requires acceptance and fierceness. READ MORE.

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