A magical morning


This has been a magical morning.Chloe and I played outside before playschool today. We stood by the fence and waited patiently for the horses to wander over. Magic whinnied and Chloe chattered and cooed to her. She held out her hand with a treat and laughed infectiously as the little mare took it from her hand. One by one the horses came to greet her and with each treat fed, more giggles filled the air. They were as happy to see her as she was them. Her smile was from ear to ear. It was a morning full of joy and simple memories that she we will forever carry...little things that mean so much.In some ways it is a normal morning; in others far from it. I don't take for granted all that has happened to give me - and Chloe - these simple, treasured times. Today, however, I feel especially grateful. I have two broken ribs and a fractured sternum that tells me I am lucky to be alive. They are a reminder that life often changes in the blink of an eye and that cancer is not always the cause.Last Tuesday night, we were driving back from the airport as the sound of colliding metal and the jolt of impact transformed our peaceful trip home into a nightmare of change. The next few hours disappeared in a blur with paramedics, policemen and firemen working tirelessly to contain the accident scene and to help other injured passengers. I asked one of the paramedics if everyone would survive and his response chills me even now, "Accidents happen and people die every day; be thankful you are alive."I am thankful every minute of every day to be borrowing more time. Cancer is just one of the life changes that has given me the clarity to appreciate the things that we often take for granted. Family and friends, horsie whiskers, little heart-blown kisses, morning giggles, birds chirping and the sun shining are just some of the wonders I'm cherishing today.Tell me, what wonder will you cherish today?Suzanne

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