A movie ... and a mission

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Ever since I graduated from college and had to start paying $10 for a movie ticket instead of $4.50, I've grown a bit picky about what I'm willing to see at the theater. But occasionally, I'll get really excited about a movie and can't wait to see it. Right now, I'm actually really excited about a movie called "Letters to God." It's a faith-based movie, inspired by the real-life story of a childhood cancer patient. Based on the previews, it looks like it's going to be a total tear-jerker, but will also elicit lots of smiles and that happy fuzzy feeling. In the movie, eight-year-old Tyler, who is dealing with cancer, writes daily letters to God--which he mails. When his letters fall into the hands of a struggling and careworn postman, a transformational journey takes place. It's a story about how the faith and hope of one child can change the lives of family, friends, and an entire community. And what's really cool is the producers are making this story much more than a movie, but into a mission. There's a section on the website that invites individuals and communities to be a part of the "Letters to God" movement. The makers of the movie hope that through "Letters to God," people will "be inspired to reach out to God in their own way and find the strength to provide hope to those around them," the website states. At, you can find "on-set" devotions, interviews with different childhood cancer survivors, become a part of a "community of hope," RSVP for a screening, and so much more. In the same way Tyler's letters brought hope to those around him, the producers hope "Letters to God," can create a movement of hope that goes much further. For the Spring issue of CURE, we're working on a story about spirituality and how faith plays a role in one's cancer journey. For many, faith in a higher power is what gives them the courage, strength, and hope they need to keep going. I think this movie could be a great example of the effect spirituality has for some patients and caregivers. Cancer is a hard journey, and the disease can completely devastate the lives of not only those diagnosed with it, but also the lives of their family and friends. A little bit of hope can go a long way."Letters of God" will be in theaters April 9. And I definitely plan on seeing it. After all, hope is contagious.