A place of tranquility and innocence

With Day Five came the first day of the New Year as our Australian dream took us east to the beautiful ocean side with Linda, Lexi and Kenny. We stopped at several beaches and ate lunch at Happy Jacks; absorbing the view at a few stops and inhaling the breathtaking richness of the country. The sun was hidden by a cloudy sky and the temperature was neither too hot nor too cold, with a breeze that was gentle. Once we settled on Horseshoe Bay, we pitched our tent and tossed our shoes.The kids played at the water's edge; wading in and out with the tide and then jumping between rocks and pools farther down the beach. They built small castles in the sand, discovered new versions of seaweed, looked for shells and then swam in fresh water pools above the crashing waves. They ducked into crevices in the rocks and walked to the rugged edge where they were kissed by an ocean shower.I stood with my toes in the water; tingling from the neuropathy that is a reminder that I am alive. And as the ripples of waves ran across my feet, the water seemingly washed the pain away; the fear of cancer and what it is doing to my body and to the bodies of others that it invades simply disappeared with the waves. Within the sounds of the ocean and the grains of sand are where doubts disappear. Only tranquility exists in this place where my dreams were made. My eyes wander back to the innocence of the kids. This is what they must feel. Not the worry or the fear, but the magic or the water and the world at their fingertips. Nothing can even come close to that feeling.