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With enrollment "opening day" of the health insurance exchanges happening on Oct. 1, there is a lot of confusion, misinformation and information overload. Here are a few resources to help you sort it out and get organized. > The Cancer Support Community and the Association of Community Cancer Centers, along with 16 other cancer and patient advocacy organizations, produced the Cancer Insurance Checklist. This worksheet was created to help people--with either a history of cancer or high risk of cancer--shop for insurance coverage in their individual state's health insurance exchange. The website also includes a list of resources and a glossary. > The American Cancer Society and its advocacy arm, ACS Cancer Action Network, have put together a fact sheet of tools and information for patients and survivors to help them navigate the Affordable Health Care Act. You can find it at acscan.org/healthcare/learn. > The LIVESTRONG Foundation has produced a five-step guide to insurance enrollment. It is also partnering with the advocacy group Young Invincibles and the social action news site RYOT to reach the young adult population and encourage them to get insurance coverage. On Oct. 2, the three groups will host an in-person and live Google+ Hangout session geared toward helping cancer survivors navigate healthcare enrollment. > Naturally, the homepage for WhiteHouse.gov has recently been filled with information on the healthcare law, including a short video of "What Obamacare Means for You," infographics and a summary of healthcare choices and premiums expected in several states (whitehouse.gov/healthreform/map). Healthcare.gov also provides information on the marketplace, along with a tool to determine if a user would qualify for lower insurance costs. > NPR.org has a great assortment of articles that explains many of the current and upcoming healthcare law pieces. Do you know of any other tools that help cancer patients and survivors navigate the insurance process? If so, please share!

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