A video tour before your treatment?


The Poudre Valley Hospital has used a helmet cam to show the public (and future patients) a first-hand look at their new radiation treatment technology. The patient had the helmet cam on while receiving radiation treatment (looks like they skipped the waiting room, although you have a sneak peek on the way out). The video was edited down to about three minutes, which you can watch below. Ironically, the patient has chosen to remain anonymous. So, while you see his treatment, you never actually see his face. He narrates part of the video, while the medical director of the radiation department explains the radiation technology."It's just so simple to add a camera to me and do it so that other people can see what they may need to go through, and the fact that it's really easy and simple and nothing to be afraid of," the patient says in the video. By the way, the video was his idea, although you can tell the center uses it as a marketing tool. It's hard to miss the promotional captions and website for more information. Would seeing a first-hand view of what treatment would be like help you overcome anxiety or fear of treatment?

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