Advocacy Chats: Insightful Conversations on Policy Issues & Cancer Research


Advocacy Chats - Insightful Conversations on Policy Issues & Cancer Research

Addressing Equity in the Health Care System: A CPAN Advocacy Chat

Discrimination of any kind leads to a lower quality of life. How can the health care system become more equitable, encourage patients to seek treatment, and create better health outcomes that improve their quality of life? On April 13thm Alan Balch, PhD, CEO of the Patient Advocate Foundation and National Patient Advocate Foundation joined COA Director of Patient Advocacy and Education, Rose Gerber to explore the effects of discrimination in the health care system and what can be done to increase equity. View the entire video here:

ICYMI: What Is High Quality Cancer Care? A CPAN Advocacy Chat

What does high-quality cancer care mean and how does a community oncology practice achieve and maintain this standard? Bo Gamble, COA Director of Practice and Quality Initiatives, joined COA’s Rose Gerber to discuss these issues and the challenges of managing competing care standards and ensuring the patient’s voice is heard. Stream it on @OncologyCOA's YouTube channel today.

Read the entire news bulletin here on COA’s Patient Advocacy Network:

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