Against Cancer's Odds: Having Hope


When hope is lost, cancer wins.

As with anything in life, cancer brings a certain set of emotions that we do not always feel adequately capable of handling. For each person, it is different as to what will help pull them through. For me, it was a belief that things had to get better. I had a hope that, against the odds and every statistic, things would eventually be okay.

Here is a little passage to help all of you who may be struggling find that hope.

Hope is not a physical thing that can be clearly seen. It is when everything else has gone wrong, but you continue to do what is right, despite how hard it may be.

It is when your world is crashing down because of the reality that you are facing, but you make a choice to still dream anyway.

It is when you get knocked down in the ring of life, but you find your feet and keep fighting, knowing that this is a singular battle of a much larger war.

It is when you feel all alone, like you are being swallowed up by the darkness, but you search for the light to guide you in your moment of need.

It is when every odd is against you and it seems like the end may be near, but you keep pushing on because you know that somebody always beats the odds.

It is when you feel as if you have nothing left at all, but you can’t bring yourself to give up the belief that things will get better and that this moment in time will pass and things will change.

That is the feeling of hope.

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